Evaporative Coolers — replace or repair?

What will it cost to repair or replace an old evaporative system?

Consider the cost of parts to repair the old unit, how long it will take to repair and, with the warranty probably already expired, how soon you might be doing it again. Also consider the total cost to get a better, more efficient unit, with a warranty that will give you peace of mind for up to 5 years.


Some typical repair costs for evaporative units would be…

New Pads$500
New Pump$200
New Motor$500 average
Labour + general clean & service$300
Total average repair bill~$1,500
No warranty


Key advantages of replacing your old evap cooler

New machine2 year warranty
Duct & Fittings10 year warranty
Installation / labour5 year warranty
Average replacement cost~$2,499

All componentry used is Australian-made, Advantage Air product, with a single piece corrosion proof polymer air duct and roof flashing.


Consider the efficiency of your machine, the type of refrigerant gas it uses, and the zoning arrangements of your machine. Is the unit still under warranty? Or are spare parts available?

What will it cost to repair or replace a reverse cycle air conditioner?


Some typical repair costs for reverse cycle would be…

Regas a R410/R32 machine$200 -$800
Regas an older R22 MachineNot possible, gas no longer available
Replace faulty compressor$800 - $1,800
Replace Faulty Circuit Boards$600 - $1,500 potentially 3 separate boards
Repair / Replace Leaking Evaporator$1,000 - $2,500


Key advantages of reverse cycle aircon replacement

New warranty on machine5 years minimum
Warranty on installation3 years
Increased efficiencyUp to 40% more efficient to run
ZoningOption to upgrade Ezone/MyAir zone controls
Average cost to replace reverse cycle machine onlyStarting from $4,990
Ducted evaporative to reverse cycle system upgrades.

With the changing climate, and full reverse cycle systems becoming so much more efficient and affordable, one of the most common projects we undertake at Value Air is upgrading existing Evaporative cooling Systems to Full Ducted reverse Cycle Systems.

Undertaking this type of project can be a complicated task, however at Value Air we have gone to great lengths to ensure we can undertake this type of project with the least disruption to you, the homeowner.

We can offer full turn-key solutions for those who wish, including…

  • Design and quotation of your new system
  • Removal and disposal of your old Evaporative
  • Full installation and commissioning of your new Reverse Cycle system
  • Completion of any remedial works necessary such as roof repairs or ceiling repairs.

Some of the advantages to upgrading your Evaporative cooler to Reverse cycle systems…

  • Addition of heating for the cooler months
  • Remote access and home automation options are available
  • Much better use of your solar generated power if applicable
  • More accurate temperature control not affected by weather conditions

Most importantly we can usually complete all the required works in as little as 1-2 days! Alternatively, if you wish to manage your project yourself, we can work with you, to complete the works in the most cost effective manner for you.

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